Friday, July 29, 2011

Introducing.......Homes 4 Haiti

Homes 4 Haiti is an advisory group from several different church bodies. The advisory group is non-denominational and most have been to Haiti before. It is open to anyone that wants to attend the meetings. An executive board has been formed... to be accountable to GAP's board of directors as well as any donors. The advisory group will still meet and work on the goals of Homes 4 Haiti. Homes 4 Haiti's main purpose and governing policies are to help improve the Haitian living conditions by partnering with the Haitian's and other NGOs to build appropriate housing.If you would like to get involved go to\homes4haiti and find out when their next meeting is. They also have a new website so check it out. . There are many different levels to get involved….you can donate, get your church, organization, or family interested, or bring your group to Haiti to paint the houses. They have watched God go before them and have raised the funds to start building the first house in October of this year! To God Be the Glory!! Blessings! M.W.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Well this should be a fun blog, so get the popcorn popping and pull up a seat, cuz here we go. This is officially my second blog on the G.A.P site and Wow do I have a lot to blog about. Where to even begin I am not sure. Well for starters I would like to send a shout out to Steve Mossburg.... there was a wonderful article written about him today:

Take a few moments and check it out! Steve, we are so proud of you and honored to serve with you in Haiti.

So I am sitting here in Haiti huddled under a mosquito net trying to hide from the mosquitoes. (the hiding is not working btw) I wanted to start by giving you all a top 5 reasons why YOU should come and visit G.A.P, Steve, Shirley and I in Haiti...

DRUM ROLL PLEASE.... Here is the countdown:

Now of course this wont make any sense if you haven't visited Haiti yet... but if you have...enjoy!

5). Where else can you go and hear roosters that start hollering and "cock a doodle" at 9:00 oclock at night?? What is great about these roosters is they holler all night long. They have amazing rooster lungs. I mean this is a Haiti classic sound. Steve and I thought maybe we would make a CD and call it "THE SOUNDS OF Haiti!" I am sure it will become a best seller in NO time! ohhh or we could do scratch and sniff stickers and call them "the smells of Haiti" Ok I won't go there! We could also add the barking dogs that like to bark all night long and even throw in the famous mosquito that likes to buzz in your ear when you are trying to fall asleep. We could even add the sound of the "coconuts" that like to fall on the mission/ and guesthouses at night. Maybe we could even add the little scurrying feet of the "coconuts" (NOTE: "coconuts" is code word for "RATS." shhhhh! wink wink!

4). I mean where else can you go to ride in a "TAP TAP!" Amazing how many Haitians can fit on those things! How many of you have gotten to ride in the BIG TRUCK.... ??? What a ride!! You feel like you are cattle on a roller coaster. Who needs a massage when you have the fabulous roads of Haiti? I had the honor of riding in the BIG TRUCK with my seven/Plus children one time when it was pouring down rain. Now talk about an adventure! (I say seven/Plus children because at the rate I am going, by time you get here it could be more.)

3). Mosquito nets really have become the new fashion in Haiti... for all the missionaries. Stacie (our trusted nanny) actually has a hot pink one with a Princess crown on it. You can come to Haiti and feel like royalty as you sleep under a net.

2). I was thinking... mattresses and hot showers are really overrated! Who needs them when you can sleep on SPRINGS and coils! Oh the fun you can have in Haiti! Who needs a hot shower when you can feel like you are swimming everyday while you take a cold Haiti shower. When it rains here in Haiti...feel free to just put on a swimming suit and grab a bar of soap and start scrubbing. Haiti Rain showers are the best!

1). When you come to Haiti your life will be forever changed. Not only can you spend a week sacrificing of yourself but you can see, feel, taste the heart of Haiti. You will absolutely fall in love with the people. You can feel the very presence of God. You can be Jesus to Haiti. You can truly learn what it means to be crucified with Christ. We as Christians can get so consumed with the distractions and the things of this world...come to Haiti and get consumed with the things of God. Wake up early and you can touch the very heart of God. Go to bed looking at the amazing stars and let God wrap His healing arms around you. You can feed, clothe, love, help, and wash the feet of God's precious people. You could probably think of a million reasons why you can't go to Haiti...but forget those reasons...think of just one reason why you can and GO FOR IT. I mean there is nothing better then sweating and serving!!

I am booking mission teams and families for 2011 and 2012. Please feel free to email me if you are interested in coming to Haiti. If you are not able to right now but still want to donate so another person can come, please let me know. or 918.633.5820

Ok so here is a quick overview of some of our fun adventures my seven wonders aka my children and I have had while in Haiti: Please take notes: Feel free to Learn from my mistakes!

1). When very careful!! I had a mosquito or some flying object literally fly in my mouth and yes I swallowed it. YES, I was even under a mosquito net. I seriously panicked and got caught in my mosquito net as I was desperately trying to find the opening of it. I ended up all tangled up in it. The entire time I am gagging and trying not to.... (well how do I put this nicely...hmmmm there just isn't a way)...VOMIT! By time I stumbled looking for my flashlight, I could feel the "whatever it was" trying to get out. I ended up drinking a lot of water and had a ministering session with the toilet. So next time you yawn in Haiti... put a mosquito net (preferably hot pink) over that mouth!

2). Yes it is true I brought all seven kids to Haiti with me. By the first week we were here... somehow my number grew to nine kids or wait maybe it is ten now.... let me count. :) haha Ok so here is my advice to anyone bringing kids to Haiti: A: bring lots of sanitizer B: advil C: wipes D: snacks E: bug spray F: remember the code word for anything creepy crawly like tarantulas, lizards, rats is "coconuts."

3). Well we have officially experienced our first tarantula experience.... I mean excuse me "coconut" experience. YES it was confirmed as a tarantula unfortunately. Let's just say I had a "come to Jesus meeting." Still a bit traumatized over it. Not sure if I am ready to blog about it quite yet. Might need some therapy. Let's just say I have been praying a lot here in Haiti. My prayer life has really increased...PRAISE THE LORD! So just coming to Haiti will do wonders for your prayer life.

OK well my dear friends that is all for now, I guess it is time for me to listen to the "SOUNDS of HAITI." I pray that God does miracles in your personal lives and in your homes. May God wrap HIS amazing arms around you today and remember to BE STILL and KNOW THAT HE is GOD. Psalm 46:10




Sunday, November 21, 2010


Top: ACY-IM leadership at refugee center they founded after earthquake
Bottom: ACY-IM leadership planning session Nov. 21, 2010


It was just a year ago early Dec. that I set on the porch of my Borel home with Jasmine Garcon the Field Coordinator of GAP Ministry's "Feet Across the Mountains" ministry. During a 2 hour meeting I laid out my vision and plans for starting a new youth ministry that I wanted him to lead for GAP. It was based around a similar outreach I had started in 2002 for the young kids who lived in the Quiskeya Beach area where GAP ministry was headquartered at that time. In fact 16 year old Jasmine helped me organize that group of teenagers that met every Sat. afternoon in my front yard. When I relocated Gap 3.5 years later we disbanded the organization and several of the key leaders including Jasmine went off to University in Paup. When Jasmine graduated in 2009 I brought him back to oversee our work in the mountains.

The new organization we founded that afternoon would have a somewhat similar name as the original organization which was ACY-GAPI , Association of Christian Youth - Gap International. The new one would be ACY-IM , Association of Christian Youth - International Missions. My instructions to Jasmine at the end of the meeting was put a plan together that I can look at when I return in Jan. I returned to Haiti after a Christmas break on Jan. 10th and before I could meet with Jasmine the Earthquake struck on Jan 12th.

On Nov.1st of 2009 I had taken over the responsibilities of Director of Project Help-Haiti plus still remained as executive director of GAP. I thought at that time I could manage doing both jobs possibly, the earthquake took away any chance of that possibility. It was all I could do for the next 3 months to keep on top of the medical ministry and bring surgical teams and supplies in each week. About one week after the earthquake Jasmine came to see me at Pierre Payen to tell me he had relocated 250 people out to Montrouis and placed them in 2 school buildings , it seemed we were in the refugee camp business. Eventually we relocated them to a vacant property about 1/2 mile away and with tents supplied by YWAM, funding from several organizations including PH-H we kept the camp going for 6 months. On Aug. 1st we officially closed the camp as our population numbers dwindled when better housing options became available at other camps back close to Paup.

So this afternoon 11/21/10 in Montrouis I met for that first meeting I had thought I would have with the group possibly way back in Jan. Today I shared the same vision I shared with Jasmine nearly a year ago here at Borel. I won't go into a lot of details at this time but my vision is to build a volunteer national youth service group all across Haiti. This group of 18-28 year old men and women I believe can make a difference by transforming their world one city at a time. The organization will be based around 5 guiding points 1. evangelism 2. reconciliation 3. discipleship 4. integrity 5. community service and development. It is not by coincidence that the GAP logo is made up of 5 fingers that shape the branches of a tree that we hope "produce fruit that lasts" (John 15:16). If excitement and enthusiasm is any indicator I believe that my vision was well received this afternoon. The new director of GAP ministry Heather Elyse is flying in to join me this week and will be taking over the day to day operation of GAP. In Jan. when she moves here to oversee the ministry outreaches of GAP I hope we will already be implementing some of our vision. In God's love. SJM

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We are thrilled to meet you!!

I am beyond excited that this is our first official posting on the GAP BLOG site. WOO HOO!! :) When Steve gave me my "job description" and I saw that I was in charge of updating the blog from time to time, I was thrilled. I want to start by introducing myself and my family.

Who are WE??? I was born in Santa Barbara, California to my parents Ken & Lauren Savage who are ministers in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was originally Heather Savage but due to a fun story for another time, I go by the last name Elyse. My father planted over 40 churches in Mexico and various countries. He graduated from ORU with his doctorate in church planting, and is passionate about missions. He holds many Pastor's conferences in India, Bulgaria, Romania etc and I have had the opportunity of traveling with him to several countries while growing up. I have a twin brother who also is a Pastor, and I have a sister who has been a missionary to Peru. So YES MISSIONS is in my blood!! :) I am a very happy young single woman who has legally adopted seven children and welcome more!! :) Yes, you read that correctly... SEVEN adopted children!! Have I lost my mind.. you ask??? Yes, absolutely... I choose to die to myself daily, live the "not normal" life, and have learned what it means to truly be crucified with Christ!! :) I am head over heels in love with my best friend who happens to open blind eyes and through him we can move mountains. I am passionate about the orphans of America. I just don't want to be a hearer of God's word but a doer. I took the scripture James 1:27 literally. People ask me all the time, why I would adopt so many at such a young age. My answer is simply...How Could I Not? The majority of my children have all graced the papers nationally, due to their horrific physical and sexual abuse. I have changed all their names due to privacy and I have literally seen miracles happen in my home. I have seen God take ashes and turn them into beauty. I have seen him take what was broken and restore it. Our story is a story of forgiveness, restoration, and How God still HEALS today! I am honored to serve Haiti and the John 15:16 G.A.P ministry. If there is anything I can do for you or you would like to plan a trip to Haiti, please feel free to contact me. We have some really exciting fundraisers that will be happening in the next month, that I will be announcing to you in my future blogs. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you as well! Feel free to leave me comments, or send us an email.

Let me introduce you to my heart beats, baseball team, choir, mini missionaries, aka children:
Mackenzie age 14
Victoria age 13
Annelysia age 10
My twins: Camden & Madison age 9
Ariana age 8
Mr.Alexander ~ age 5

My Contact info:
Phone: 918.633.5820

Your Illustration for the week:

A young girl was walking along the beach early one morning. The tide was receding, leaving numerous starfish stranded on the beach. The girl began picking them up and tossing them back into the water.

Engrossed in her task, she didn't notice the crusty old fisherman sitting quietly watching her. He startled her with a gruff, "What are you doing?" to which she smiled and enthusiastically replied, "I'm saving the starfish."

He laughed at her and launched into a scoffing ridicule. "Look ahead of you down the beach," he said, pointing to the seemingly endless expanse of sand and surf. "There are thousands of starfish washed up on this beach. You can't hope to save them all. You're just wasting your time. What you're doing doesn't matter," he exclaimed in a dismissive tone.

The girl stopped, momentarily pondering his words. Then she picked up a starfish and threw it far into the water. She stood straight and looked him in the eye. "It matters to that one," she said, and continued down the beach.

Your scripture: Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you. James 4:8

Prayer: Dear God, we humbly come to you and ask that you would help us draw closer and more intimate with you. Help us put you first in all that we do. May we be a reflection of your heart. May we be your eyes, voice, hands, and feet to everyone we come into contact with. We lift up our executive director Steve Mossburg and Project Help-Haiti. We pray for all the Haitian staff and all the missionaries that are in Haiti right now. We pray for a hedge of protection over their lives. Keep them safe and healthy. Protect them as they travel to and from Haiti. Be with their families while they are away. We lift up cross cultural ministries, be with Don Dennison as he leads, guides and sets the captives free. Give him favor, guidance and your divine wisdom. Be with Joy Reeves as her husband is away. Give her strength and grace to raise her children. May you continue to Bless their ministry. May everything that they touch prosper. I lift up the Snyder family to you God. I pray that you would supply all their needs according to your riches and glory. I lift up the board of directors for G.A.P ministries. Be with them this holiday season. Speak to their hearts, protect, give them guidance, and overwhelm them with your magnificent goodness. We give you our lives God. We know it is not about us, but all about you. Mold us into your image.

Friday, August 20, 2010


It has been a whirlwind month here in Haiti, non stop activity. We have had 3 work teams, 2 medical teams ( one surgical another doing clinics in the mountains) and visits from individuals and couples. Add in a week ling visit from the Director of Cross Cultural Ministries, Don Dennison which involved some traveling both by vehicle and foot to visit churches and have meetings. Then there is the ongoing business of dealing with the government in reestablishing the status of Project Help- Haiti as exempt from paying Customs fees.

Last Sunday the Snyder family our missionary family here at Borel finished up their 2 month internship and flew back to the states on Monday morning. Due to needing to get their girls enrolled in school they reluctantly had to leave me hosting a large work team this week. Thanks to the help of my Alaskan friend Melissa Mochek who came back to Haiti after a 2 year absence and the help of my Haitian girls, Clona and Fabiola we have been able to get by pretty well. Everyone has been well taken care of and lots of projects completed by the Barkeyville, Pa. Church of God team.

Today is our last day at Borel, this afternoon we head down to Pierre Payen to overnight then the team heads back to the states on Sat. morning. Melissa and I also fly out on the first flight. Clona and Fabiola will stay at P.P. several weeks then head off to the A.C.E. school in St. Marc in Sept. They have a room rented at the school but will stay with Shirley and I at Borel on the weekends to continue helping out with teams as needed.

I unfortunately I haven't concluded all the business with the government on the PH-H franchise
( tax exempt status) which will allow us to get our vehicles and container out of Customs, we await the final ok from the Director of Cults. This will allow us to take possession of our vehicles and container, that means I will need to make a short trip back in Sept. to finish this long process up. So much for Shirley and I getting to take a few weeks to vacation in the States. None the less we will be traveling quite a bit for PH-H business in the states during Sept. and Oct.

It is because of the daily duties and responsibilities of my PH-H position that the G.A.P. board of directors recently confirmed Pastor Heather Elyse to become the new director of the Go and Produce Ministries. She is currently employed as the Children's Ministry pastor at Olive Branch Church of God in Indiana. She will be concluding her contract with them later this year but will keep her Indiana home and Olive Branch Church of God membership after her move to Haiti. Heather and I are in contact several times a week as we transition her into her new position. So I encourage you to once again start checking for new and interesting posts from the G.A.P. blog site, Welcome Heather!! In God's love , Steve

Sunday, August 8, 2010

As I look back at the last time I blogged on this site it was into the second week post earthquake. Jan. 12th forever has changed Haiti and those who live and work. If you work in missions and haven't made adjustments in your organization and added or dropped some ministries you may soon find yourself sitting on the sidelines.

When I agreed to take over as director of Project Help-Haiti late last year my desire was also to keep GAP Ministries going as well. I thought maybe I could direct both ministries, the earthquake and resulting disaster in Haiti quickly proved me wrong on that thought. I had suspended writing this Blog during the medical disaster as I could barely find time to write the Project Help-Haiti blog. So it is good to be starting the blog back up and once again be sitting here writing to are followers. Many have told me they keep looking to see if we have posted and how disappointed they are to not find something.

Today marks something new for GAP Ministries and a major announcement. First: it became apparent I needed to relocate GAP to another location from where we had been based since 2006. I talked to my boss at Cross Cultural Ministries about this and we agreed that we could have GAP run from out of Project Help-Haiti's Borel Campus. Much like our previous arrangement in the Montrouis area with another organization we would partner with PH-H in bringing teams and funding projects. Another agreement was that Gap has several ministries that would be beneficial to PH-H rather than they starting similar ministries. This solved a major stumbling block for keeping Gap going.

Second: I needed help in running the day to day operations of Gap in Haiti and the states. This was much more difficult than one might think. Finding good missionaries can often be the downfall of many organizations. God can open doors we never even know about, He can and He did. So I would like to announce GAP's new director Miss Heather Elyse. On July 20th she interviewed and met the Gap board of directors a week later by e-mail vote she was unanimously approved. Heather and her 7 adopted children will be moving to Haiti early next year, they have been here with me in Haiti since July 23rd but will fly back to Indiana where she can finish up her duties as Children's Ministry pastor at Olive Branch Church of God. She brings a lot of good things to our ministry, besides being a children's pastor she works in production, and has a large network of people to call on for help and is a great public speaker. She grew up as an MK & PK (missionary & Pastor's kid) and has a passion for children and helping the lost and downtrodden of the world.

Heather will be starting to blog on the GAP site soon and time to time I will as well. I will continue to remain as executive director of GAP. This bog will also be linked to our new Project Help website at along with several other important blog sites. We also will be updating and changing some aspects of our GAP website which will also have a link to the PH-H website. Many of you have told me you can't get enough of following what is going on in Haiti so hold on were about to launch an awesome communications network to keep you. updated. In God's love , steve

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have always heard there is nothing stronger that a mother's love and for the last 2 weeks we have been witness to that . A young 25 old man the lone survivor abbe to get out of a large collapsing apartment building during the Jan. 12th quake was admitted here on Jan 15th. Yesterday after all other options had been exhausted including pleas to helicopter him onto the U.S.Navy hospital ship the Comfort had been denied. An orthopedic surgical team of 5 specialist undertook a 5 hour operation to give him a chance to maybe not walk but to live. The surgeons pinned and screwed his crushed vertebra back together, if his spinal cord is not completely severed he may regain some use of his lower extremities. Through it all this young man has had his mother attending t9o his every need. Even as the surgeons explained and demonstrated all the th9ings she would need to do for him over the weeks, months and even lifetime she kept assuuring us that she would always be there t0 take care of him. There is no way to explain these how much these quake victims have appreciated the love , attention and skills that the medical teams have brought here t0 Pierre Payen these last 2 weeks. As this team prepares to leave this afternoon and a new team arrives tonight many tears of love and gratitude has been shed by the many patients that these surgeon, doctors and nurses have come to know not as nameless patients as fellow brothers and sisters. Maureen one of the who has been here this week after returning from visiting with the patients one last time made the comment that this was the hardest thing she has had to do this week, to say goodbye. Thanks to all of you who aren't here but have prayed for us, donated supplies , planes, equipment and money to make this effort possible. In God' love , steve